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Our Experts will provide you with the best guidance for your Research Paper Writing & Publication:

  1. We also have a team for editing, formatting and proofreading which will make your work unique.
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This service is for researchers who wish to collaborate with us in paper writing, editing, and publishing their research paper in a recognized international journal. We aim to help you publish your research paper/article in a recognized journal within the shortest possible time.

How our Team of Professionals will help you with your Article/Research Paper Writing & Publication?

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Step 1 : Submission of Proposal
The Researcher submits his Proposal and relevant materials.
Step 2 : Editing of Proposal by Professional Editors
The editors review and edit the proposal for ensuring that it meets all the requirements for publication in a recognized journal.
Step 3 : Recommendation on Journal Choice
We recommend appropriate Journals as per your Research.

FAQ’s on Article/Research Paper Writing & Publication

An article is a written piece published in a journal or magazine, often summarizing research or discussing a specific topic. A research paper is a detailed document that presents original research findings and is usually submitted to academic journals.

Choose a topic that interests you, fills a gap in existing research, and has available resources for study. Ensure it is specific enough to be manageable but broad enough to find sufficient data.

A research paper generally includes the following sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.

An abstract should briefly summarize the purpose, methods, results, and conclusions of your paper. It should be concise (usually 150-250 words) and provide a clear overview of your research.

A literature review surveys existing research related to your topic, identifies gaps, and establishes the context for your study. It is essential for demonstrating your knowledge of the field and justifying your research.

Collect data using appropriate methods (surveys, experiments, archival research, etc.). Analyze it using statistical tools or qualitative techniques relevant to your field. Ensure your methods are rigorous and reproducible.

Common mistakes include lack of clarity, poor organization, inadequate literature review, improper citation, and failure to follow the journal's guidelines. Always proofread and edit thoroughly

Use plagiarism detection software, properly cite all sources, and contribute unique insights or findings to the field. Paraphrase appropriately and avoid copying text directly from sources.

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