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Add ‘Dr.’ title to your name with this prestigious title, which is given to a person who has contributed to the field of education or research.

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Honorary Doctorate – An Award of a Lifetime

Honorary Doctorate serve as a remarkable form of recognition for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to society. It serves as a prestigious award depicting the achievements and impact that the individual made. 
For the awardee, an honorary degree can boost their reputation, credibility, and influence, widening horizons to new networks. It can also serve as a source of motivation and validation for their work, encouraging them to continue making immense contributions. 
Overall, an honorary degree is a powerful symbol of appreciation and recognition, showcasing the importance of innovation and excellence in society. 

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Advantages of a Honorary Doctorate, How is a Honorary Degree Beneficial?

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Receiving an honorary doctorate is a prestigious honor that recognizes a person's outstanding achievements.


Obtaining an honorary doctorate can enhance one's credibility and authority by granting them the title of "Dr."


Being awarded an honorary doctorate can have a beneficial effect on one's perspective towards both work and life.


Receiving an Honorary Doctorate can significantly uplift morale and enhance confidence.


It affirms the achievements and dedication of an individual.


Receiving an honorary doctorate opens up numerous avenues for advancing one's career.

FAQ’s on Honorary Doctorate

An honorary doctorate is a prestigious academic degree awarded to individuals in recognition of their exceptional contributions to a specific field, society, or humanity, without the need for the usual academic requirements.

Individuals who have made significant contributions in areas such as academia, philanthropy, public service, arts, business, and other fields may be considered. Eligibility varies by institution and their specific criteria.

An honorary doctorate is awarded as a recognition of achievement and does not require the recipient to complete coursework or a dissertation. An earned doctorate involves rigorous academic study and research.

While honorary doctorates are a mark of distinction, they are typically not used as professional qualifications or credentials in academic or professional settings.

Candidates are usually nominated by faculty members, alumni, or community leaders. A selection committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the university’s governing body for approval.

Yes, many universities accept nominations from the public. Check the specific nomination procedures and criteria on the university’s website.

Criteria can include the nominee’s impact on their field, contributions to society, alignment with the university’s values, and overall legacy. Specific criteria vary by institution.

While some honorary doctorate recipients use the title "Doctor" as a courtesy, it is generally not used in formal academic or professional contexts.

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